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Certification & Compliance 

We provide a comprehensive certification and compliance service. For your buildings we offer non-domestic EPCs and DECs and for your organisation ESOS, carbon reporting & ISO support.


We are able to undertake and produce Non domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and Display Energy Certificates (DEC).  All Commercial building require an EPC when they are being sold or let and public buildings over 250m2 must have a DEC.

Display Energy Certificates (DEC) DECs give an operational rating of energy efficiency and environmental impact. This means it takes into account what the building is used for and the occupancy hours and compares this to industry benchmarks. Though only mandatory for certain buildings Voluntary DECs can be an easy way to find out how much energy your are using in comparison to you industry.  DECs can also be used as part of ESOS compliance for larger organisations. Find out more here

Non Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) EPCs rate your buildings energy efficiency and environmental impact on a scale ranging from A to G and list improvement measures to be considered. Under the Energy Act 2011 it will be mandatory for all commercial building to reach an E standard by 2018.  Failure to obtain this level will mean that properties cannot be sold or let. We can help you or your tenants to comply with these conditions. Find out more here

Compliance & Legislation: 

With increasing legislation and regulations we help our clients understand the areas that apply to them, the associated risks and ensure they fulfil their obligations. This typically includes areas such as:

Energy Savings Opportunitiy Scheme (ESOS)  ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK that meet the qualification criteria and the Environment Agency is responsible for administering the scheme. As fully approved ESOS Lead Assessors we can help you fulfill your obligations and meet the targets you put in place. You can find out more about ESOS here

Energy Performance Buildings Directive  All properties (homes, commercial and public buildings) must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when sold, built or rented. Public buildings over 250m² must display a Display Energy Certificate (DEC). As Low Carbon Energy Assessors we can advise on and certify your property. 

The Energy Act 2013  This covers improved energy efficiency and minimum energy standards for buildings in both private and commercial sectors. As Low Carbon Consultants and Energy Assessors we can ensure you comply with this act. You can find out more about the Energy Act 2013 here

We have an excellent knowledge of UK and EU legislation impacting businesses and help our clients understand and mitigate the risks they face to meet these obligations. There are significant advantages to having the correct approach to compliance not only in energy savings and asset value protection but also in enhanced tax relief and other financial incentives that are available.

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