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Energy management that is easy and affordable

Our approach gives you control, through user friendly software and practical advice we take the uncertainty out of Energy Management.  

Our energy management software gives you a dashboard of all the information you need.  It gives you the right reports at your fingertips, automatically sends alerts to your computer and phone for when you really need them, measures test & model performance, gives you easy access anywhere and saves you money.  

With our help tasks that were once a pain become second nature to execute.  

Have the certainty and confidence to

  • Changing energy providers - Test the new tariffs against your actual usage and see what your savings will be

  • Identify and address waste and misuse of equipment - See in real time when plant is not being used properly, has been left on or is performing poorly

  • Change working patterns - Look at how and when you use your energy and test how changing this can save you money

  • Purchase new plant - Identify the plant that needs to be replaced and monitor in real time the performance change

  • Get certified - Have the right reports and data to support ESOS, ISO50001 or other compliance process sent straight to your inbox

  • Target performance - Benchmark your usage, set limits, measure the impact of your initiatives 

  • Plan Investment - Know where and when to invest to maximise return, avoid unnecessary expense, model and report before spending anything. Have a recognised measurement and verification program to deliver certainty in you project management.

Call us on 01749 372198 to discuss your needs.  

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